Leadership Based Safety - Pathway to Resilience

Have you reached the point where your safety culture is stagnating?

Does your business experience incidents which are resulting in injuries and compensation claims, losses of production, negative client perceptions and significant impact to your bottom line? Do you have a problem with people not working in the way you want them to, supervisors not enforcing organisational values or managers not paying systematic attention to safety?

Safety culture is indeed a tough subject.  It is often described as a summary of individual and collective values, assembly of characteristics and attitudes, collective mindfulness or shared basic assumptions. From practical perspective, most of those ideas currently converge around one central point which describes safety culture as a set of accepted collective behaviours and practices, at all levels of the organisation.

How are those behaviours and practices in your organisation? Where do you  believe your organisation is currently on its journey according to RiskWise Leadership Based Safety Culture Model

              RiskWise Pathway Leadership Safety Culture Model, (© Copyright 2016 RiskWise Solutions. All rights reserved)

To grow the business, increase profit and number of clients, the organisation needs to ensure maximum safe productivity whilst at the same time it is minimising its losses. The smaller the organisation, the harder is to absorb incident losses without having a big impact on the business, and more important it is to have great safety culture in which work is occurring as planned and in the safe way - consistently . It is a fine balance but when achieved, it provides outstanding and sustainable results.

Sounds hard? It does not need to be, if you have right people on your side.

Many organizations have tried and are continuously trying to improve their safety culture, often applying expensive and time consuming initiatives, including various versions of behaviourally based safety programs which often provide limited and short lasting benefits. In many cases this results in an ongoing use of processes which have little if any real positive impact on the organisational safety culture and performance, but are continuously draining resources and deflecting attention from real issues.


RiskWise Solutions takes different approach - Leadership Based Safety.  Our experience teaches us that despite common beliefs, sustainable safety culture cannot be grown from the bottom up. To change behaviours and practices of people at the sharp end, the problem of 'safety culture' needs to be approached in a completely new and different way - from the leadership perspective. RiskWise Solutions will take you on the journey which will fundamentally change the way your people think about safety and risk! 

We provide:

  • Custom Pathway Safety Culture Improvement Program for your organisation, specifically designed to make smooth and cost effective transition towards reaching the next step in the journey to resilience
  • Range of customized training, coaching and field based practical solutions aimed at transition and improvement in safety culture
  • World class performance at exceptionally cost effective rates – that is the RiskWise commitment to your success


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