RiskWise FastTrack ™ - Senior Management Safety  & Reliability Performance Improvement Workshop

Has your organisation recently experienced significant incidents, injuries or significant, high risk near misses? Are your key performance indicators showing stable and reasonably good performance and it is difficult to understand where high risk events are coming from?

Those events are not simple or 'freak' accidents. They are almost always alarms and indicators of a loss of control in some critical business elements often involving leadership behavioural, communication and systemic issues capable of producing a High Actual Consequence Event (HACE).

Many organisations have had good safety statistics at the time they have experienced HACE events. Having good safety statistics alone is no evidence of safety excellence.  Mechanics involved in causation of HACE events often do not correspond to conventional thinking about safety which is measured through recordable injuries and in line with safety triangle of injuries.  Some of the causational factors involved in creation of HACE can be easily visible however some can be well hidden and laying dormant for a long time within various organisational systems, processes culture and field practices.  

All of them can combine with a particular set of factors to produce HACE. This is off course something which no organisation wants.


The only way to identify those factors and turn the safety ship around is through a proactive and systematic approach such as the RiskWise FastTrack ™.

As safety performance is a fundamental business outcome, it has its required inputs and corresponding outputs. RiskWise Safety Performance Improvement Workshop focuses on key preconditions and business inputs necessary for safe execution of work and creation of advanced safety culture. We know what works from practical experience in rapid turnaround of safety performance and how to help you focus your efforts and resources towards achieving visible and long lasting outcomes.

We use a specific internally developed analytical model as well as a range of  tools and strategies to assist you in improving your performance. 

Our focus is not only on achieving the short term goals and identifying long term risk management strategy for your business. It is also on leaving behind leadership skills, knowledge and systems needed for continuous business improvement and implementation of  a proactive safety intervention if that need arises in the future. At RiskWise, we are here for the long haul: your organisation success is our business.



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