RiskWise Solutions - Leadership Based Safety

Does your organisation experience an increase in occurrences of incidents, injuries and production losses? Do you have difficulties in obtaining a strong supervisory and leadership performance as part of the safe execution of work? Are you frustrated that all those expensive and important systems of work are not being followed, fully implemented in the field and delivering reliability and sustainability?

We know your frustration all too well. At RiskWise Solutions, we believe the most effective way of improving organisational performance, sustainability and profitability is through improvements in leadership behaviours and practices. 


Organisational development guru, Edgar Schein said:”… leaders create and change cultures, while managers live within them”. This is absolutely correct. Strong leadership behaviours and practices in organisations create and drive safe and productive culture which is a fundamental building block for success and growth of any organisation, regardless of its size. The problem many organisations share is that true leaders capable of changing the organisation culture are not easy to find. This is especially true when it comes to management of risks. There is a big difference between a manager and a safety leader. True safety leaders need to be created and RiskWise Solutions knows how to assist you in developing them.

Safety is indeed a line management accountability, however this accountability does not automatically translate into leadership maturity, skills and knowledge required for successful management of risks. As line management is accountable for safety performance there is often a tendency to restructure, minimise number of OHS support staff and expect the front line management to deliver safe execution of work. 

Although technically proficient, this layer of management often does not have appropriate core skills necessary to deal with practical implementation of risk management processes, management of people and complex situations, especially without the appropriate support, training and knowledge which usually resides with safety professionals and more senior managers.

Without critical leadership skills, this can be mission impossible resulting in repeated incidents, injuries and business losses. Our philosophy is that leadership is at the core of everything we do. It is a primary ingredient which drives individual and collective behaviours and practices that create an organisational culture of safety, reliability and sustainability. A leader who knows how to manage risks is more productive leader, capable of driving cultural changes at the coal face and reaching stretch targets with his team.


RiskWise Solutions Safety Leadership Program can make a vital difference to your organisation by bridging the leadership knowledge and experience gap, upskilling front line leaders and enabling them to implement management systems in practice by adopting and executing principles of operational discipline and safety excellence. We provide critical skills and support to those who are entrusted with front line execution of work and management of people.   

At RiskWise, we firmly believe that safety and reliability are not behavioural or technical problems, they are leadership problems and until this is adequately addressed nothing will truly deliver any significant and sustainable improvements.  Although some individual and inherited leadership traits play the part,  true leadership is a learnable skill, however it is difficult to achieve it without proper training, coaching and mentoring.

Our program goes beyond health and safety, it teaches front line leaders a variety of transferable skills necessary for supervision and management of any business function. Our teaching is based on extensive operational and HSE experience which focuses on real life issues and practical solutions. Our coaches are not only excellent leaders but also outstanding motivators with an exceptionally engaging delivery style which initiates critical thinking and a fundamental behavioural change. This is what sets RiskWise apart from the rest.

All elements of our programs are developed and delivered by leaders who are still working in the industry and have gained their experience over many years of walking the talk and changing the cultures in the organisations they worked. Program elements have been carefully selected to provide critical underpinning knowledge, deliver a specific behavioural change and provide necessary tools for a participants to self-evaluate and grow into strong, decisive and productive leaders.

Our leadership and training programs address many issues commonly faced by management which are not adequately covered elsewhere. They are a practical knowledge bank which can transform your organisational culture by changing the way your leaders think about leadership, safety, production and reliability. By instilling knowledge, influencing and embedding key leadership skills, we change behaviour and practices of your people.



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