RiskWise Enhance™ - Coaching Services

Practical management of risks in the workplace and leadership of people is not an easy task for any front line leader, especially for someone fairly new in the role. Multidisciplinary skills required for any front line leadership position are complex and usually acquired over a long period of time. Even the experienced managers and superintendents routinely benefit from a carefully structured personal coaching and mentoring in the areas of risk, workplace health and safety, reliability, managing human errors and behaviour, operational discipline, execution of work and many others.

As the operating environment becomes more difficult and competitive, a need for greater efficiency and leadership performance increases. The more proficient and capable the front line leaders are in management of risks, the greater the savings and profit. At RiskWise, we work hard to Improve critical knowledge of your front line leaders.


RiskWise Enhance™ leadership coaching is offered in group session format as well as one on one personal coaching service. This is a practical, workplace based, skill building strategy aimed at identification of skill gaps and barriers and immediate improvement in leader’s performance. Don't let your front-line leaders learn by making costly mistakes when issues can be corrected with a pre-emptive coaching and mentoring intervention. CALL US NOW: 0448 801 602 



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