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Management is a mechanistic skill set, leadership is an art. Those two are often confused. 

Leadership is ability to empower, motivate, inspire, influence, develop and coach others towards achieving a common goal and doing it by going above and beyond the call of duty.

Is your organisation interested in developing true leadership, especially those who truly run your business - front line leaders? Imagine the benefits and business transformation improved leadership can deliver to your business.

Enable your leaders to be creators of your culture

Practical management of risks in the workplace and leadership of people is not an easy task for any front line leader or senior executive. Good safety performance, reliability and productivity are inseparable business factors and objectives and as such, it can only exist where it is clearly understood and driven from the leadership perspective.

Multidisciplinary skills required in this space are complex and usually acquired over a long period of time. Even the experienced leaders routinely benefit from a carefully structured personal coaching and mentoring in the areas of risk, workplace health and safety, reliability, management of human errors and behaviour, operational discipline and many others.

As the operating environment becomes more difficult and competitive, a need for greater efficiency and leadership performance increases. The more proficient and capable the front line leaders are in management of risks, the greater the savings, reliability of operations and profit. 

Safety and risk management knowledge and skills needed at senior management and executive levels are often ‘assumed’ to be present. In reality, most senior leaders reach senior stratum levels based on other, more specific technical and productive skills, leaving the gap which is often bridged with incorrect assumptions and beliefs about people and human factors, safety myths, number driven reactive and reductionist mindset, confirmation bias, and fundamental attribution error.


Contrary to popular belief, safety leadership is neither simple or the same as mainstream leadership. Management of safety and risks requires specialised leadership skills which are critical in order to understand how safety works, what drives people and behaviours and how to influence and organise teams for success.   Great safety leaders have seldom got where they are, alone. Unleash the potential of your leaders to drive and create better culture of safety and increase your productivity and organisational resilience. Pair them up with a safety leadership coach and watch the difference. 

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