Frontline Leadership Essentials

Supervisors and frontline managers are critical roles in all organisations, regardless of the industry. They are a final, frontline management layer whose key function is to guide groups of people towards common goals and implement productive and protective systems whilst achieving ever increasing targets. It is a tough act, probably the most demanding and difficult role in any organisation.

Unlike some other roles, front line supervisors are often promoted due to their knowledge of the job and customers, as well as systems and processes that organisations have in place. Although technically proficient, this layer of management often does not have appropriate core skills necessary to deal with practical implementation of risk management processes, management of people and complex situations, especially without the appropriate support, training and knowledge which usually resides with safety professionals and more senior managers.

RiskWise Frontline Leadership Essentials is a carefully structured mixture of classroom and field based training
providing fundamental and underpinning knowledge every frontline leader needs in order to achieve safe and sustainable
team work and exceptional operational results. 

It is essentially a ‘boost’ course for new and existing leaders created from practical experience to build a foundation for success in leadership by providing critical and essential knowledge and skillset in safety and leadership every leader needs to have to be able to balance production and protection in ever increasing complexity of modern workplaces.

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