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Safety is neither technical or behavioural problem. From the organisational perspective, safety is a leadership problem and as such, it can only be drastically influenced when it is approached from the context of leadership and its influence on decision making across all stratum levels. Leadership, in conjunction with carefully designed organisational structures, accurately identified and mapped risks and their controls, awareness of error promoting conditions and robust and humanistic systems, creates cultures capable of maintaining high rate of productivity with minimal disruptions and losses and incredibly efficient recovery of the 'out of control' states. Organisations where these cultures are found are commonly know as HRO's (High Reliability Organisations) and are founded on outstanding leadership and self awareness of key principles and activities needed to create and sustain such reliable and safe performance. 

At RiskWise, we provide precisely those solutions. We recognise the reality of today‚Äôs fast paced business environment, competitiveness and need for a workforce and front line leadership which is risk aware, capable of making right decisions and is disciplined in execution of work. Our safety leadership, operational discipline programs, training and coaching services are engaging, skill building and behaviour changing. They produce solid leadership foundations and create effective platforms for wider organisational changes. Our innovative and paradigm shifting approaches in management of risks are based on our extensive experience and strategies which work in practice. 

Whether through safety and risk training programs, catastrophic and enterprise risk management programs, high reliability organising, human error reduction systems, corporate restructures, operational discipline training or a senior management safety improvement workshops and interventions, RiskWise Solutions will help you improve your safety culture, increase your operational reliability, reduce your losses and increase your productivity and profitability.


Our Principles

Our core belief is that safe operations are more reliable and productive operations. Safety, reliability and better productivity are tightly coupled and interdependent business outputs and can only be created in environments where strong safety leadership exists at all organisational levels and where risks are treated in hierarchical, systematic and methodical ways, with priority placed on management of catastrophic business and operational risks.

Through our experience in multiple industries, we understand that 'shotgun' approach to safety management created by various fallacies in OHS does not work and quickly depletes resources available for safety and loss control.  We are able to reverse negative effects of past practices and perform a drastic improvements in safety and reliability in operations. 

We understand that every organisation is on its own unique journey and requires custom approaches and careful evaluation. We do not apply 'off the shelf' solutions and aim to ensure maximum benefit for expenditure to all our clients.

We are aware that people are not source of problems, rather the solution to them and all our strategies revolve around proper understanding of human fallibility and psychology of human error.

Our governing principle is ingrained in deep understanding of High Reliability Organising (HRO) and its principles and practical improvement strategies as a recipe for success as proven in nuclear, military, chemical and other major hazard industries.

We know that regardless of resources and efforts, achieving operational excellence, exceptional safety performance and improving on the journey towards HRO status is not possible without capable leaders, aware of what true leadership really means and how to affect the change in others. Through our leadership development programs we deliver a range of services aimed at developing practical, real life, world class risk management skills for line management, enabling them to learn and transform into true leaders and achieve safe and sustainable results. Our risk management consultancy caters for a range of business needs in a variety of industries.


About Us

RiskWise Solutions is a Western Australian consultancy based in Perth, offering consulting services in areas of Occupational Health and Safety, Enterprise Risk Management, High Reliability Organising -HRO, Human Error Management, leadership and safety training, senior management coaching services and a range of other reliability and business improvement strategies.

Our Commitment

You can trust that your business challengeswill be handled with professionalism, integrity, and the utmost discretion. The end result will be accurate, on time and to high standards. At RiskWise, you are never alone. Our team of experts is always only a phone call away.

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